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Meet Morena Scrascia, the mind behind Fuscra. I like to call it a super eco-brand. Why? Read the interview below!
– Hi Morena, where do you live?
I live in the province of Lecce, Apulia. I decided to return here after a lot of Italian and foreign cities!
– When did you start your project?
I created Fuscra three years ago. I’m an architect. I’ve always worked as a city planner but I’ve had the pleasure to “meet” decor and building materials.
That’s how it started: one day I received a brick (yes, you heard it right!) and I converted it into a pen holder. Then I receviced  some special wood for boats, and I thought “what can I do with it?”.
I am a creative mind and since I am a true environmentalist, I can’t stand wastefulness, that piece of wood has become my first wooden pochette.
– Where does your inspiration come from?
Inspiration come from the “materials”. Since I was a child I love to touch everything: I like to”come in contact” with their texture, temperature.. Often is the material that give me the design idea.
– What materials do you use for your creations?
At the moment I’m working with recycled leather and wood.
– what type of look works better with your bags?
I like opposites and contaminations. For example, we used “ball” looks to enhance the architectural silohuette of my bags. At the same time a more minimal look could work so well!
– Tell us your plans for the future!
I would like to insert new material but above all to focus on design and home decor. I’ve just displayed my first line of recycled leather origami baskets at HOMI Milano! So, I want to combine at its best my passion for both, fashion and design!

You can find Morena’s creations here.

Please, note that all of her products are handmade. Are you ready to discover some of my fave pieces? Tell me yours in the comments below!

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