ON AIR: Butch-a-Me – Rosemary Clooney

Back in my teenage days I had a real obsession with bags: clutches, satchels, totes. Now, probably because I’m getting older, I’ve become a little bit selective: less bags, better quality. Why did I told you this? Because it’s time for a new cool hunting story, after Roz and her beautiful jewels, it’s time to come back to Italy and discover more about Franco Pugi.

This brand was founded in the 70s by a young and creative entrepreneur named Franco Pugi.

He came from a family involved in the textile industry. Franco began his career driven by his passion and desire to revisit the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship. He chose two galloping horses as his logo, why? It represents the successful collaboration between Franco and his wife Elena in both life and work.

During the 80s and the 90s the business grew and his brand conquered Italy, America and Japan.

At a certain point Franco and his family moved to South America. But after ten years and thanks to his daughter, Lara, he decided to return to Italy and relaunch the business.

Franco Pugi bags signature marks are: original designs, a colorful palette, versatile styles and above all of his bags are handmade in Italy with great care and attention to detail by Italian artisans.

The have three main lines: Classic, Pop, Miss Frugi and a new Pollock collection is coming soon!

I have had the pleasure to try one of their Jennifer Clutches. I can confirm you: great quality and perfect details!

Are you ready to discover some of my fave models? Hamburg Maxi in Camel is one of my biggest desire for Christmas!

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