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Latest crush? 10DECOART, a jewelry brand from Poland. All time crush? DENIM!

I can’t stop loving denim, needless to say that one of my personal tags on Instagram is #denimdays!

I’m constantly looking for new and interesting brands from all over the world and that’s why today I’m here to speak about Aly John, a Portuguese denim brand. That’s not all: I’ll be sharing my first report, I “tested” two of their jeans and at the end of the  article you’ll find my honest opinion on comfort, quality and sizing plus the purchase price!

Back to 1986 a man started to imagine a different world and created his first pair of blue jeans with the support and knowledge of two tailors, his uncles. Seeking for knowledge, Aly began working with the finest seamstress and tailors, touching the best tissues and learning the most outstanding craftsman techniques, travelled around the world and returned more inspired than ever. Aly John pieces are the result from the combination of traditional techniques with creative innovation.

What makes Aly John´s jeans so special?

The perfect harmony between savoir-faire, raw materials and fitting. Aly John was born from the dream of creating jeans that will last a lifetime. Aly John works with women who have a superpower, the art of sewing. All the jeans have reinforced seams on the sides, scapular, hooks and in between legs. The secret to creating the perfect jeans is choosing the best raw material. That’s why they choose premium and certified partners to ensure the highest quality. All the jeans are created with selvedge denim (aka unwashed jeans) so your jeans will fade naturally, wash after wash.

I tried Self Will and Grace, ready for the reports?

1 Self Will” – skinny jeans

– comfort: 5/5

– quality: 5/5 – slightly stretch denim

– sizing: 4/5 but only for petite girls

– purchase price: €180,00

2 Grace” – classic relaxed straight leg

– comfort: 5/5

– quality: 5/5 – the classic denim you must own

– sizing: 4/5 but only for petite girls

– purchase price: €180,00

P.S. – I have had the chance to try their Selvedge Denim. Unfortunately I’m a petite girl and they didn’t suit me but if you’re a curvy girl this model will enhance your beautiful curves perfectly!

Are you ready to see me rocking their denim next week?