ON AIR: Night and Day – Luiz Bonfa

Last week you read about Club Pétanque, a French brand that represents the rise of sportswear. Today is the turn of Baukjen, a label for all the women out there that are looking for everyday luxury.

Baukjen is a London-based womenswear brand with a real purpose: to create clothes that inspire and empower the busy modern woman. Today, tomorrow, forever.

Some of the signature marks of the brand are:

clever design: double-line dresses, off-the-shoulder pieces to enhance our femininity, the perfect draping technique..

effortless outfitting: you know, versatility is everything;

feminine fits: they’re women designing for women (and you know, our cool hunting section is all about women who create for women);

luxury fabrics.

Their motto?

We flatter the bits you love… and even the bits you don’t!

Baukjen De Swaan Arons is the woman behind Baukjen. Back in 2008 the Dutch-born founder Baukjen set out on a mission to re-work the fashion landscape. A woman, a mother, a businesswoman that clearly knows what a woman want. A casual-chic wardrobe, feminine yet comfy clothes. 

Baukjen is a brand that works on those key pieces a woman needs in her wardrobe: the perfect white tee, a pair of jeans, the jersey dress that does day and night and a timeless leather jacket. At the heart of each collection is a classic colour palette.

She said:

“The Baukjen collection isn’t about fast trends, it’s centred around modern classics that are designed with the woman and her lifestyle at the centre of it.”

This is my personal selection of timeless pieces. This is a sort of Christmas guide: find the perfect gifts to give your special women. You can find everything here. Enjoy!