ON AIR: St.Jude – Florence + The Machine 

It’s Thursday and it’s time for a discovery post!

This week you’re going to meet Alessandra Aiardo, a super talented Italian jewelry designer. She’s conquered my heart with her exquisite creations. I literally fell in love with her byzantine taste and I’m sure her creations will be my companions for every special occasion.

Are you ready to discover more about her?

Alessandra was born in Turin almost 34 years ago but at the moment she’s based in Naples.

Her jewelry project is a little tassel of her love and curiosity for art. She is attracted by every form of art: fashion, design, sculture, literature, etc. Not for nothing, she has a painting degree. Anyway, she decided to get close to design, as a union of beauty and creativity.

She has worked also as a renovator and she loves the mix between different materials, precious and not. Some of her fave? Gold, brass, silver, plexiglass, hard stones and gemstones.

What you can find on her inspiring playlist? Muse, Einaudi, Bjork and Florence +  The Machine.

Her plans for the future? She knows what she wants: create.

Look at all those breathtaking handcrafted creations, soon you’ll see me rocking some of them!

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You can buy Alessandra’s creations here: www.aiardodesign.com. If you want you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram !