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Back with another girly obsession: jewels. The jewelry wold fascinates me so much: you know I’m an earrings-lover!

Last year I’ve discovered a Polish brand called 10 DECOART. You’ve already seen me wearing some of their creations, for example that time I was wearing a camel coat (this look has been featured in WHOWHATWEAR.UK) and in my NYE post!

I’m completely in love with 10 DECOART and I felt the need to know more about this brand, so here is a little interview to the duo behind it. Hope to visit Poland so soon, this country seems to be full of talented artists!


Let’s go!


– What’s your name?

We are 10 DECOART:  Anna Pałubicka and Konrad Komorowski!


– How old are you?

I’am 38 and Konrad, my husband,  42 years old!

– Where do you come from?



– Where do you live?

We live in Poznań.


– When did you start your project?

The company was founded in 2006. I wanted to open gallery with my paintings but the process of designing and creating jewelry fascinated me completely. Creating jewels is similar to the art of painting, as it still gives you opportunity to express yourself through colour.

– How did you start it?

I started with a small boutique and workshop near the Old Market in Poznań. I designed the jewelry for the individual needs of clients.
I started combining semi-precious stones and silver. I do not like “monotony” so I started to usee a variety of materials: hemp ropes, chains, pearls. Then I added plexiglass combined with silver, Murano glass, ceramic beads and semi precious stones. Three years ago my husband joined the company and we decided to design collections and extend our business.


– Where does your inspiration come from?

From nature, art, architecture, movies and everything that surrounds me. Every collection is made up of timeless, eternally coveted pieces that celebrate tradition with a contemporary twist. We blend together  details from bygone eras and contemporary influences, pushing conventional boundaries and testing the limits of modern accessories design.


– What materials did you use for the last collection and what’s the idea behind it?

We used gold plated brass and Swarovski crystals, silver and semi-precious stones. We really care about the quality of our products. we use old machines and traditional production methods.

– What type of woman can rock your creations?

Our creations are very versatile and go well with different looks: you can put together a stylish look as well as a more casual one. We create jewels for strong women who like to play with fashion and funny designs. Our goal is to arouse emotions and aesthetic experience.


– Where can we find your collection? What is the price range?

You can find us online www.10decoart.com and in selected stores worldwide (Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, France, Singapore). The price range: 20-500 euro, there is something for every budget!

– As we love music, what’s on your current playlist?

David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, U2. Some good jazz: Krzysztof Komeda and Glenn Miller.  Last but not least, classics like Chopin and Mozart.


– Tell us your plans for the future!

Collect beautiful inspiration and create!

 Photos by Tatiana Pancewicz and Karol Wysmyk