ON AIR: Cheap and Cheerful – The Kills

After Ringo Radio, our weekly music selection, we are thrilled to announce the release of a new monthly project called “Xberry beauty column”. Do you remember the first time you met Xberry?

Xberry was born out of a desire to offer online absolutely exclusive products and brands, for both women and men, often not easy to find from all over the world! Cool accessories, luxury cosmetics, niche perfumes and two excellent categories Xfood and My Pet!

Every months they’ll make a selection and show you a never-without list of beauty products for the current month and.. you’ll see my personal reviews the following days.

NB: now they ship all over Europe!



June is here and summer is just around the corner (at least, we hope) and there is a part of your body that you’ve probably started to show a lot. We’re talking about a not-so-chic theme but very useful: our feet.

High heels, cold seasons and.. tell me when was the last time you let your feet breath?

Hard skins, callus and dryness can occur due to friction and bad habits. Watch out! You could run into something very painful!

There are a lot of products that can help us having beautiful feet but are you ready to discover the most efficient? Click and buy this month-essentials!

Dr. Scholl has recently released the new Velvet Smooth Wet&Dry. You can use it even on wet feet! No matter what your skin is like, there is a speed that fits your needs. Choose between “gentle” and “intensive” and enjoy soft and beautiful feet after only one use. Use it at least once a week for long-lasting results! Trust me when I say it works!



Do you suffer from dryness? Try Heel Hydration Complex by Hand Chemistry (Deciem, we love you)!

Our cells undergo a sort of natural dehydration cycle every 28 days. Heel Hydration Repair Complex contains an extraordinary 19.5% active ingredients. The Antartic Marine Complex increases skin health and moisturisation, showing a significant increase of skin hydration of 90% in 14 days. Apply it to dehydrated areas for 14 days. You have never had feet so soft and hydrated!



The last secret? Always bring with you Egyptian Magic Cream. An all-natural healing skin cream made from bees wax, propolis, olive oil and other natural ingredients. You can use all over your body. Put it on your heels while you are sunbathing and before wearing sandals for your evening stroll.



June: it’s time for a professional pedi at home!


Meet the mind behind this selection: Stefano Sprecacenere, Xberry Beauty Consultant!