ON AIR: Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor

Last week we showed you how to use puroBio products to create eye makeup looks for the holiday season. Today is the turn of your lips. puroBIO has partnered again with us, are you ready to find your perfect winter lipstick shade?

The new puroBIO lipstick collection is made up of 8 different colors that range from natural shades to more eye-catching ones.purobio-lipstick-cherry-mag

Lets’s start (from left to right):  

First two colors could be included in the “My Lips But Better” section. I can’t stop wearing shade 02!

– 01 Pesca Chiaro (Light Peach)

– 02 Sabbia Rosata (Pink Sand)

If you can’t stand nude colors, these shades are more on the hot pink side:

– 03 Fenicottero (Flamingo)

– 04 Fragola (Strawberry)

Looking for real autumnal shades? Try:

– 05 Ciliegia (Cherry)

– 06 Arancio Bruciato (Burnt Orange)

For the girls who don’t fear out there, 08 is a very unique color: it turns out more red/purple/brown based on your complexion.

– 07 Rosso Cremisi (Crimson)

– 08 Rosso Porpora (Purple Red).


All the lipsticks have a creamy semi-matte finish. They guarantee a full coverage even after the first application. These lipsticks contain organic castor oil, which has moisturising properties. The collection is Nickel tested and certified organic by CCPB. 

They are really comfortable on the lips. Even if they slowly become matte, they don’t dry out your lips. After the removal lips are left soft and hydrated, you only need a light lip balm coat.

I’m pleased to tell you that they are on the long-lasting side. I can wear shade 02, that’s one of the lightest, for about 6 hours without having the need to touch it up. If I eat, the color only disappears in the centre of the lips!

Every lipsticks come with a specific lip pencil (they are soft and hydrating), these are the recommended combinations:

– 01 – 35

– 02 – 8

– 03 – 37

– 04 – 38

– 05 – 39

– 06 – 9

– 07 – 40

– 08 – 41

TIPS: switch the lip pencils and have fun crating some ombre lips. If you don’t like a full coverage but you still want color on your lips, just dub it with your finger!

What’s your go-to shade for the season? Enjoy the new puroBIO lipstick collection and share your thoughts in the comments below. See you January, 6th with a new beauty post. I know you’ll need it (little hint: after parties SOS)!




Special thanks to puroBIO and Silvia! 💕