Hi girls, how are you?

Are you excited to discover our customized spring skincare routine with Odacité?

If you are following my beauty adventures, you’ll probably know that Odacité is one of my fave beauty brands. I already tried their Beauty Masque and a couple of magnificent serums. This time we wanted to show you the steps of my (easy) spring skincare routine.

All I want for springtime is to leave behind the grayness of winter and make my skin glow. Four easy steps for a better complexion and a new skin. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step 1 – banish dead skin

Start with Jojoba Beads Exfoliant. An easy way to keep your skin fresh and luminous is to exfoliate your face and neck once a week with this cream to scrub exfoliant. Jojoba Beads are made from 100% pure and biodegradable natural Jojoba wax with no sharp edges to avoid micro-lacerations. Use it for a soft and healthy skin!


– always exfoliate in circular motions in an upward direction,

– try it also on your décolleté and hands, the ultra delicate formula will surprise you!

Step 2 – pore&pimple S.O.S

Use Pe+C = Peach+Cypress, a light penetrative serum concentrate that helps to balance sebum. Use it on your T-Zone to reduce the appearance of pores. Read the complete review here.

PS: it makes wonders even on pimples.

Step 3 – dull skin go away

Make your skin glow with Pf+O. This Passion Fruit+Orange serum has been formulated to revitalize & illuminate dull skin. Two drops every night and voilà, enjoy a fresh bright complexion!

Step 4 – wink wink

Last step? Take care of your eyes. As you may know, I spend a lot of time in front of my pc. This means that at the end of the day I have pretty tired eyes. I wear glasses and contacts on a daily basis so my eyes are a little sensitive. My new never-without is this Ba+S serum concentrated, or as I should say the best eye “treatment” I’ve ever tried. It is highly nutritive, in fact it contains vitamins A, E and F. The Baobab oil targets all signs of aging helping to reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity while Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa Neroli and Lavender oils support wrinkle reduction and help fighting puffiness and dark circles. Girls, my under-eye area has never been so smooth and “fresh”. I can really see the difference, especially when I put concealer on, why? No more creasing. Ready to wink? 

Tell me more about your spring skincare routine and share your tips in the comments below!