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This year beauty section will be filled with exclusive brands from all over the world. Last week I talked about my fave serums of the past month, Pe+C and Ac+R from Odacité (find the reviews here).

Today it’s the turn of another Odacité product, are you ready to know more about Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque?

I love masks and I think they are the fastest and easiest way to pamper yourself. I’m always looking for interesting masks and I’m so pleased to have had the chance to try this one. Let’s go!

What it is?

Formulated with ingredients that work synergistically with one another, this masque is a complete beauty treatment that delivers results after the very first application.

It guarantees four important results: detox, peel, brighten and firm

Let’s see its synergies:


Clay+Activated Charcoal leave your pores visibly refined and free of blemishes.


Papaya Enzymes+Fruit Acids slough off dead skin cells to “stimulate” fresh new ones to the surface for a fresh, healthy glow.


Vitamin C+Papaya Enzymes fade hyperpigmentation and prevents brown spots.


Vitamin C+Probiotics boost collagen synthesis!

Basically, a multipurpose beauty masque. That’s not all, read below!

How to use it?

This masque comes in a powder and is scientifically formulated to be activated by water. Mix 1.5 tsp powder with 1 tsp of water. Use their soft brush for an optimum application. Apply a thin layer all over your face, let it dry (10-15 min) and rinse off.

TIP: you can supercharge each SYNERGIE by using natural ingredients out of your pantry and refrigerator. You will find a Beauty Recipe Guide included in the box but feel free to share your personal recipes!

Final verdict:

I love their serums and I love this masque. The most funny and interesting fact is that you can use this masque depending on your needs. 

Your skin feels “impure”? I add to powder and water a few drops of Pe+C for a matte clean skin. Do you have a bad blemish? Mix it with apple cider vinegar and apply overnight to dry the beast out. These are my fave ways to customize Synergie[1].

Do you need to remove all those dead skin cells on your face and make it brighten? Add a few drops of lemon juice and improve Synergie[2].

Want to “relax” your brown spots and hydrate your skin? Synergie[3] will make wonders with milk!

Do you want a youthful and a firm face? Boost your natural collagen with orange juice (vitamin C power!) and see how Synergie[4] works!

I have to say that the first 2 Synergies are my favorites. I have combination skin and I love when masks can detox my face without drying it out. After using this masque you do not feel the need to add an hydrating mask to balance its effect. Everytime I use it my skin is left clean, matte, soft, bright and compact. 

I’m still learning how to use it and improve the synergies with my natural ingredients. Right know I’m mixing it with sugar to create a double treatment: a peeling masque!

If you have no time to “create” your perfect skin cocktail, use it in its purest form. Trust me girls, it works!

Use #MySkinCocktail on social media to show your skin cocktails and share with me your fave combos. Gift yourself this luxurious multipurpose masque (it lasts so long plus you can transform it depending on your needs). Did you ever tried this masque? What are your fave cocktails? What are your never-without Odacité products? 

Special thanks to Odacité & Mo!