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Lately I’ve been testing some anti-aging products, did you read my last review post?

We’ve partnered with NuFACE and I have had the chance to try their mini NuFACE Facial Toning Device. Nonetheless it has been my first micro-current experience, ready to know what I think about it?

If you don’t know, micro-current technology uses a low level of electrical current to mimic your body’s natural current, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The NuFACE device improves your facial contour, tones and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The NuFACE mini ($199) comes with:

– the petite device

– the adaptor

– a gel primer


How to use it: 

Cleanse your face and apply the gel primer to your face in sections. As you apply the primer, work the device outwards starting from the center of your face (take a look at the direction card). Start with 5 minutes 5 days a week for 60 days, and then 5 minutes a 2-3 times a week thereafter for constant and durable results. The first time start with the left side of your face and see the difference with the right one!

NuFACE-mini-Facial-Toning-Device-cherry-mag dsc_0011NuFACE-mini-Facial-Toning-Device-cherry-mag NuFACE-mini-Facial-Toning-Device-cherry-magNuFACE-mini-Facial-Toning-Device-cherry-mag NuFACE-mini-Facial-Toning-Device-cherry-mag NuFACE-mini-Facial-Toning-Device-cherry-mag

Final verdict:

The device is super gentle and you don’t feel pain, at least a light tingling. I can’t say too much about wrinkle aspect because I’m 22 and except for some expression lines I do not have strong wrinkles. The toning effect has been probably the most effective facet plus my face feels smoother and brighter. Plus, you relax a lot while using it. Cherry Mag approved!

I would like to try the “advanced” tools. Do you use it? Tell me your thoughts in the comment below!

Special thanks to NuFACE and Mollie