ON AIR: Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara 

You know, I’m a serum girl. This week beauty post is all about skincare and a new “botanical” brand called Native Atlas.

Native Atlas is a beauty line created exclusively with organic and wildcrafted plant oils cultivated from around the world. The concept behind is to use their products as “a cleansing ritual to remove modern day environmental aggressors and restore total peace”.

I tried two of their oils: clarifying and anti aging. Let’s start with the reviews!

Clarifying Face Oil

What is it? 

Lightweight serum that fights blemishes and clears skin with this fresh herbaceous blend of Cypress, Jojoba and Hemp Seed Oils.

How to use it: 

Apply day/night on cleansed and toned skin. Avoid sun exposure directly after use. Use it also as a spot treatment for blemishes or add it to your facial cream to add extra moisture.

Final verdict:

This clarifying face oil absorbs easily and helps your skin balancing oil production (good for oily and blemish prone skin). Black cumin seed defends against acne (they say it make wonders for eczema and scars). If you have an oily skin you should try it because it helps you staying clear (even if you use it only once per day, as I do). This oil takes the blemish situation under control but not only, it is so hydrating that I do not feel the need to add another layer of moisturizing product!

Anti Aging Face Oil Feminine 

What is it? 

An oil rich in essential fatty acids. The perfect product to intensely hydrate lackluster and dry skin, restoring elasticity and preventing moisture loss.

How to use it: 

Apply day/night on cleansed and toned skin. Add a couple od drops to your cream to add extra moisture. Use it around your eyes as an intense moisture serum.

Final verdict:

This anti aging oil contains Rosehip, a precious ingredient that prevents wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin’s elasticity. After every use your skin is left smooth and soft. Fine lines are moisturized and I’m sure that after a long term use they’ll start to fade away. I’m 22 so I do not have big discoloration but they say it works so probably this oil is good for mature skin!


Girls, I’ve been pretty impressed by these Native Atlas Face Oils. I’ve been using them (15 days) and I have to say that my skin didn’t have any big breakouts and stayed hydrated without showing signs of dehydration during the testing. I’m currently testing other Native Atlas products and I’ll talk about them next week.

Did you ever tried any Native Atlas products? Are you serum or cream girls? Tell me more in the comments below!


Big thanks go to Native Atlas and Alexia!