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I’m back with a skincare review, did you read my latest one?

Lately I’ve been testing two Maressentia skincare products: the 24-hour anti-aging face cream and the Anti-ageing hydrogel!


Before giving you my final reviews you need to know something about this Italian brand!

All of the Maressentia products contains Posidonia oceanicaan extraordinary plant endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. Of ancient origin, Posidonia was originally a terrestrial species that adapted to the marine environment 120 million years ago. Posidonia is fundamental to the marine ecosystem, acting as a valuable nursery ground for the endemic fauna and preventing coastal erosion. The largest meadow of Posidonia oceanica in the Mediterranean is found in the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands. Its secret? It produces active ingredients that are characteristic of algae as well as secondary metabolites that are typically found in terrestrial plants. To protect the sea beds, they only use leaves from natural leaf defoliation that wash up on the shores immediately after autumn storm surges.

Its extract gives elasticity, fights free radicals and combat the signs of skin aging.

They only use raw materials and their products do not contain:

  • parabens,
  • PEG/PPG derivatives,
  • silicones,
  • vaseline and mineral oils,
  • SLS, SLES,
  • BHA/BHT,
  • Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasers,
  • animal/animal derived substances.

So, these cosmetics are suitable even for those who practice a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle!

24-hour anti-aging Face Cream


What is it? 

This cream restores skin compactness and brightness and helps contrast skin aging. Suitable for all types of skin.

How to use it: 

Apply morning and evening to face and neck, alone or after the anti-aging serum.

Final verdict:

Ok, probably I do not already need a real anti-aging treatment since I’m 22, but this cream is good. It has a very “rich texture” but despite this it isn’t greasy at all and absorbs so quickly into your skin (I can’t tolerate greasy formulas, so thumbs-up for this cream). I like to use it for my evening routine, when I wake up my skin feels moisturized and nourished. It doesn’t make me breakout, so I would highly recommend this cream to all the people out there with a combination skin! Plus, it helps you fighting that grey autumnal face!

Anti-ageing Hydrogel


What is it? 

This eyes/lip gel helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, protecting the skin and providing all the factors to keep it elastic and velvety. Suitable for all types of skin. It has a moderate firming effect.

How to use it: 

Apply a small amount of product to the tip of your ring finger and spread it around the lip and eye contour. Massage gently with circular movements until complete absorption.

Final verdict:

If you don’t like creamy formulas for your under-eye area this gel could work for you. Fragrance free and with a watery texture (ah, it’s completely clear!) this gel is the real discovery. It has a slightly firming effect and makes you eye area look more compact and luminous. It absorbs so quickly that you don’t have to worry about sleeping right after you put it on. It helps fighting dark circles leaving your skin smooth! Can’t wait to use it during the hottest months, maybe putting it in the fridge to give it a cold-boost!


Have you ever tried any Maressentia products? Can’t wait to try something more! 

Special thanks to Maressentia, Silvia Cugini Studio and Barbara 💕