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Hi girls, our beauty section is back at work. Did you wear tons of lipsticks during the Christmas holiday? The cold weather leaves your lips chipped and dry? We have the answer to your lips SOS: the new puroBIO lip balm collection.

puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-magSix different formulas, you only need to find the best one for you. Ready? 

Chilled Lip Balm: mint and chili pepper for the freshest lips. Expect a slightly volumizing effect. Can’t wait to use it in the hottest month!puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm: shea butter, olive oil and chamomile. Use it for lips with an extra need of hydration or as a “mask” before going to bed. It has a very pleasant texture!puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag Everyday Lip Balm: with a delicate vanilla scent this lip balm has semi-matte finish. Perfect for the boys!puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag Revitalizing Lip Balm: argan oil, blackcurrant, grapevine and hyaluronic acid for grown up lips. Use it even on your lip contour, it helps preventing and fighting those little fine lines. This is my absolute favorite: a luxurious texture that renews your pout!puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag Kids Lip Balm: aloe vera and calendola for your babies and for all the people who have a sweet tooth. Why? It smells like cotton candy!puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag Everyday Color Lip Balm: hydrating properties with a touch of color. Perfect for when you don’t wear make-uppuroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag puroBIO-lipbalm-cherry-mag

My top 3?

1 Revitalizing

2 Ultra Hydrating

3 Everyday Color


TIP: these lip balms are a little hard. Just “warm” them up with your hands or near a flame for a couple of seconds!

Want to know more about this young Italian cosmetic brand? Here you can find more reviews about their eyes and lips products!

Big thanks go to puroBIO and Silvia!