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I’m back with some special reviews!

Summer is still there but I want to share with you my secrets for hydrated and soft feet. You know hot weather means only sandals and barefoot walking!



Finally I tried the new Velvet Smooth Wet&Dry from Scholl. You can use it even on wet feet but I just prefer using it on dry feet after a foothbath! No matter what your skin is like, there is a speed that fits your needs (use the faster one only for your driest areas): choose between “gentle” and “intensive” and enjoy soft and beautiful feet after only one use. Use it at least once a week for long-lasting results!

Final verdict: easy to use and.. it seriously works! Bye bye dear old pumice stone!



Second product: Heel Hydration Complex by Hand Chemistry (Deciem is quickly becoming one of my fave cosmetics brands)! You must know that our cells undergo a sort of natural dehydration cycle every 28 days. Heel Hydration Repair Complex contains an extraordinary 19.5% active ingredients. The Antartic Marine Complex increases skin health and moisturisation, showing a significant increase of skin hydration of 90% in 14 days. Apply it to dehydrated areas for 14 days. You have never had feet so soft and hydrated! NB: no urea, no acids, no peeling, just repair!

Final verdict: it has a very refreshing scent but not a cooling effect. A light formula (I don’t like using greasy formula on my feet!), it absorbs very quickly into the skin and leaves your skin so smooth!



Have you ever tried these products? What’s your summer feet routine? Tell me more in the comments below!

Big thanks go to the Xberry team!