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As I promised in August, here are the reviews of two HIF conditioners I tried thanks to Xberry!hif-hair-is-fabric-1The first one is the intensive detox. A cleansing conditioner that provides the scalp with superior cleansing while offering a strong cooling effect. A desert date bio-complex is included that is rich in iron content, helping combat hair loss and eliminate dirt and extra residue on the scalp. How to use it? Think of this HIF Cleansing Conditioner as dry cleaning for your hair. Work into wet hair. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse. Buy it for €25/180 ml!

Verdict: trust me, you feel like your scalp is regenerating, one of the best feelings in the world. I love so much its scent that I keep it for more than 3 min on my head! It gives you soft, bright and light hair. LOVE IT ❤️ especially after some extra hairspray and teasing! I use it only when I style my hair or when I need an extra cleaning!



The second one is the volume support. It provides strength and body to fine or combination hair with a boosting shampoo that adds volume and support. Rich in pea bio-peptides, HIF volume support helps encourage hair volume at the root through strengthening, moisturising and protecting the hair follicle. How to use it? Work into wet hair. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse. Buy it here (€35/180 ml)!

Verdict: as you may know I have long hair and a great volume sometimes is hard to reach. This cleansing conditioner added some volume and movement to my very long hair. Plus, it added shininess and enhanced my natural highlights. The scent is very pleasant: it reminds me the fragrance that goes in the air while I’m baking some lemon cookies!