Let’s take a break from our “classic” weekly beauty appointment.

You probably know that Gianluca loves fragrances and must be honest, me too.

I’m very faithful when it comes to perfumes. I love to change (especially when the season changes) but a few are the ones I really love. I know that talking about scents isn’t easy thing. But today I want to put me to the test. Classical by Anat Fritz, a fragrance for both men and women. 

Inspired by Berlin designer Anat Fritz’s youthful memories of sunny weekends in the countryside, Classical is the right fragrance to evoke a sense of childhood. Three are the main ingredients:
wild lavender
rich cedarwood
gentle vetiver
The ingredients create a composition that perfectly captures the ethereal beauty of a childhood memory.  I can’t deny it: I was born and raised in the countryside and this fragrance is the perfect mix of my childhood memories. I can remember those little lavender bags I used to create with my mum as well as me running through the dry fields. An evolving fragrance: at first Classical is very strong and you can clearly detect a huge presence of lavender, after some minutes it turns more fresh and finally it gives off all its innocent seductive power. Linen dresses, flat sandals and straw bags are what you’ll need this summer.
ps: it stays very close to the skin and has a good persistance!
Did you know Classical? Have you ever tried it? Tell me more about your latest fragrance-crush!