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You know, I’m always looking for new and interesting beauty brands. While I was looking for some Italian beauty products I’ve found Essentia Puglia.

Are you ready to discover more about this Italian brand?

Essentia (latin word for essence) is the essence of Puglia, one of the most enchanting Italian regions. Essentia Puglia is a cosmetic enterprise that use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and vintage Grapes, sourced exclusively from Puglia’s ancient olive trees and the native grape vines of the Alto Salento and the Valley of Itria.

Two women are the mind behind Essentia: Alma and Rubina. They have revived an ancient Greek conviction: that olive oil and wine are the natural allies of ageless beauty. Essentia Puglia has been certified by the most respected Italian universities. The entire collection is produced in Puglia and it is free from chemical preservatives. As a conservationist enterprise Essentia Puglia pursues a policy of no testing on animals!

Are you ready to discover what I’ve tried and what I think about these products?


essentia puglia 1

Let’s start with two soaps: the Grape Bath Foam and the Olive Oil and Grape Soap. The first one is a “golden” soap with a slightly scent and a silky texture, it leaves your skin so smooth. The second one it’s da bomb: sometimes I fell like hand-soaps leave my hands a little bit dry, this one alongside the cleaning effect also leave them nourished!

Now it’s hair’s turn: Grape Shampoo. They say it is a hair softening and nourishing shampoo, delicate and suitable for sensitive skin. It also provides an effective scalp exfoliation! My opinion? A very good shampoo. It is slightly foamy and leaves my hair voluminous, shy and so soft. Definitely, you need to try it!

Last but not least, the Grape Body Cream: it is a nourishing body balm. Very light on the skin, no greasy effect. The scent? So delicate and “clean” and I would dare say also persistent (love it). It leaves your skin smooth and soft. A perfect cream to bring with you during the holidays!


essentia puglia 2

Have you ever tried these products? Did you know about the benefits that come from grapes and olives? Plus, check the price online, good products at an affordable price!