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Say hello to beauty a.m., a new way to discover products created for you, early-birds.

French women are the most trusted when it comes to beauty (I love to shop at Pharmacie de la République, even if it’s always so full, apropos any other interesting places?). So, I was excited to try So’Senz Lumière de Jour.

What is it? 

A light non-oily cream that hydrates and protects the skin.

How to use it: 

Apply Lumière de Jour cream all around the face and neck. Use it in the morning on clean and dry skin.Final verdict: 

If you’re looking for a light cream, you should try it. I hate heavy formulas, that’s why I prefer serums. But when I tried for the first time this cream I was so happy to find out that a light formula with a good hydration power exists. You only need a couple of cream-drops to moisturize your face. But what are the secret ingredients of this cream?

– Aloe Vera: soothing and repairing properties.
– Hamamelis Hydrolate: soothing and astringent properties.
– Sesame oil: rich in vitamin E.
– Sodium hyaluronate: natural hyaluronic acid.

As I told you what I really like about it it’s the light formula that goes along with a very good moisturizing effect. The cream absorbs quickly and I love to use it as a primer. It doesn’t interfere with my usual foundation and it keeps my skin more hydrated (you know sometimes makeup makes your skin dry a little). I can’t tell you more about the anti-aging effect ’cause I’m 22 but if you have combination skin and you need to try a light daytime moisturizing cream, you should try it. It also gives you a natural soft glow. This cream is cruelty free and doesn’t contain paraben, chemical and petroleum derivatives. Plus, it has a dreamy clean fresh scent!

Have you ever tried So’Senz products? French girls, share your tips in the comments below!