Hi, I’m Francesca Cristini, an Italian girl born on June 29th, 1994.
Fashion has always been an important part of my life: in my family almost everyone sews.


I created this style & cool hunting platform in 2016. I founded CHERRY MAG mainly because I have tons of fashion icons but no one mirrors completely my style. I feel the need to finally express myself. Plus, I’m constantly looking for new and interesting talents from all over the world. I’m a shy girl and even if someone tried to “repress” my passion and my taste in the past now I’m here, trying to find my place in the world.


If there is anything you would like to see on my blog in the future, make sure to tell me. Or, if you wish to discuss a collaboration, just email me at

I don’t know where life will take me, but I know I want to live arm in arm with fashion, my first love, my first passion.


Instagram: @cherryeffe



Hi, I’m Gianluca Cerutti!


I was born on March 2nd, 1994 and I’ve always loved music and tech. That’s why today I’m a drummer (on a break) and a web designer.


My passion for fashion born when I met Francesca: I started reading magazines and discovering the “entrepreneurial” world behind the fashion industry.


I know it takes some time to become acquainted with the rules of the game but I’m here. Follow my fashion journey and do not forget that geek is chic!

Instagram: @cherrygianluca